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Tailored pack

The tailored pack is a traditional arrangement of classes at set times on your premises.
According to your objectives, we can cater for 1-to-1 and group classes. Together, we will determine when and how often classes are taking place and the plan of action to achieve your goals.

Offer and price

  • Group classes and 1-to-1 Pre-arranged times and frequency Meeting room on your premises
  • £45 per hour for 1-to-1
  • £60 per hour for groups of 2 (for groups of 3 or more, please contact us)
  • Offers available when purchased in bulk
  • Depending on needs and levels.

Corporate pack

The corporate pack we offer is an alternative way to teach groups within companies. The unique program it follows allows people to fit the classes around their work obligations. Two classes a week are delivered by two different teachers. One grammar point is practiced over two different classes using different topics which enables people to come to one or both of the classes. This way we ensure that people get thorough training, do not fall behind and get disheartened. Should people miss one week, we move on to new horizons for everyone the following week and a 1-to-1 class can always be a one-off possibility.

Offer and price

  • Group classes
  • Twice a week, 90 minute classes 10 weeks
  • Meeting room on your premises £1500
  • Employees can attend one or both classes. Classes are delivered on your premises by qualified and experienced teachers.


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