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Corporate courses

With Eclectic Minds

take your lunch break further

Get out for one hour, have a break, learn something, meet new faces: This is the Eclectic Minds guarantee.

You want to offer language classes to your staff but

  • there is a shortage of meeting rooms.
  • people do not attend classes.
  • it costs too much.

Eclectic Minds classes near your office

Eclectic Minds classes take place in cafes and pubs carefully selected for their comfortable and calm atmosphere. 

Not only allowing for people to physically get out of their office, the change of environment proves also to have a positive impact on the brain: it enables our students to concentrate on a completely different task, to have a proper break during the day. 

They can then refocus on professional duties with a fresher mind or go home after a fulfilling day. 

How does it work?

Each student creates an account by purchasing their hours of language learning. They can then choose the times, days, locations and frequency of their classes. 

Whether you want to cover the whole expense or simply participate to the cost is your decision.

Give your employees the gift of choosing

Some companies have moved their language classes to our system to give more flexibility to their employees as well as more responsibilities. 

The results are clear: they spent 50% less on language training. The dropping rate has also drastically diminished.

Many showed an interest yet only a third actually went ahead with purchasing classes. Those who did  are still having classes one year on. 

What are the points of learning a language when English is spoken everywhere?

Language classes are an excellent way to enhance creativity and deepen personal and professional development.

Learning a foreign language in a multicultural environment such as London is another way to create connections between people and a step closer to understanding others. 

We would be delighted to discuss this issue, which is close to our heart, in greater depth over a cup of coffee. 

Get in touch with our team to organize a visit form us to you.

Working together:
The Lycee International de Londres

Read here how the Eclectic Minds' provision of Language classes helped LIL to save money and give their staff the freedom of taking charge of their learning experience.

A pilot scheme of the corporate pack was run in a famous fruit juice company. Here is some of the feedback.

‘It's good because it's up to you how much you learn and how often you go and it feels informal and less pressured.’
Hayley | senior copywriter
‘I am extremely happy with the set-up of the classes. (…) For someone like me that for work ended up missing classes that means that even if I know I am not up to speed I still get a benefit of the class and it doesn’t make me feel bad if I am running a bit behind.’
Marta P.F. | Ingredients Technical Team Leader
‘It really fits in with my schedule and means I can do two classes a week and it’s not boring.’
Graham F. | Innocent Drinks
‘Drop ins are really flexible! The most enjoyable French lessons I’ve had!’
Rob P. | Supply Finance Analyst
‘Congratulations for such a great service and keep it going!’
Marta P.F. | Ingredients Technical Team Leader