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With Eclectic Minds 

learn through experience


To clarify which level you should follow, give us a call and we will help you make the best choice.

Our classes are designed to be unique and work independently. You will be able to attend classes when you want, as often as you want in the order it comes.


Neo classes are aimed at people starting, or in need of refreshing their school memories.


If you can hold a small conversation and sometimes visit the country, this level could be the one for you. 

In these classes, we will look more in depth at topics and go through more complex grammar points.


Current news, literature and conversations: speak the language like the natives!

Eclectic -Day-

Whether we focus on grammar or any other topic, we will spend 90 minutes talking, asking, sharing and drinking coffee!

To know what topics will be discussed in depth in the next weeks, check our EVENTS on our Facebook page!


Past events have focused on well-being, fashion, the British school system, nutrition, the Blitz, Finland…

Should you want to offer your knowledge and expertise, get in touch!