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About us

With Eclectic Minds learn
through experience


Qualified French, English and Spanish teacher
From Rouen, Normandy, FRANCE
Loves in London the people, the diversity and the charity shops.


Qualified English teacher
From The Bay of Plenty, NEW ZEALAND
Loves in London: the theatre, the Thames, the contradictions.

Julia Tamisier

Qualified French teacher
From Bourges, Le Berry, FRANCE
Loves in London: foxes, being able to find food at any time, the diverse neighbourhoods, people and shops.

Selene Stefanini

Qualified Italian teacher
from Pisa, ITALY
Loves in London the multicultural atmosphere, the victorian pubs and the art galleries.

The classes you get with Eclectic Minds

One hour = One topic
Each class will last one hour. To fit within our busy schedules. Or in that lunchtime break. Or on our commute back home.
Each class will offer one topic to discuss. As teachers, we will bring the vocabulary, the structures, the grammar points which are relevant to go that little bit further in the conversation.

What you get as a bonus =
New people + New places

We have carefully chosen the cafes and pubs on the list. They offer nice surroundings, helpful staff and sustenance!
The people joining our classes are doing so in the same frame of mind. We are all intelligent human beings wanting something more out of life.
= Good Times

The Eclectic Minds guarantee means:
Getting out of the routine: whether you come to the same session every week or not, people in the group will vary, the teacher might change.
Each class is different.

Small groups:
You are in a safe environment with like-minded people. Nothing can go wrong.

Relevant sources:
No MP3 can teach you to speak in a language. Our classes are based on exchanges and conversations that occur in real life.

Quality delivery:
Teachers are trained and qualified. Their preparation is thorough. Nobody likes being bored. Challenging you is our challenge.

Feeling of achievement:
Going out for a brisk walk is nice. Meeting people feels great. Learning things boosts morale. It can only lead to a sensation of well-being.

What do they say about Eclectic Minds?

‘If I have to grade this program, I will give it a very good mark.’

Axelle | English classes

‘Pour moi, les classes Eclectic Minds sont une perle de ma semaine.’

Paul | French poly classes

‘Les classes Eclectic Minds : efficaces, respectées, lucides, diserts, formelles mais aussi accueillantes, chaleureuses mais aussi professionnelles, exigeantes (mais à mon niveau), connectées à l’actualité, pratiques, pertinentes, amicales mais aussi sérieuses.’

Jennifer | French poly classes

‘I can now read French novels relatively easily for pleasure and have often read additional books by the authors we’ve covered.’

Judy | French poly classes

‘Je pense que Eclectic Minds est une idée fantastique et très bien réalisée. Je le recommande à tout le monde.’

Massimo | French midi/poly classes

‘Eclectic Minds est intelligent, engageant and amusant.’

Massimo | French midi/poly classes

‘Récréation, décontraction, conversation’

Anaïs | English classes