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About us

With Eclectic Minds learn
through experience


Qualified French, English and Spanish teacher
From Rouen, Normandy, FRANCE
Loves in London the people, the diversity and the charity shops.


Qualified English teacher
From The Bay of Plenty, NEW ZEALAND
Loves in London: the theatre, the Thames, the contradictions.


Qualified French teacher
From Bourges, Le Berry, FRANCE
Loves in London: foxes, being able to find food at any time, the diverse neighbourhoods, people and shops.


Qualified Italian teacher
from Pisa, ITALY
Loves in London the multicultural atmosphere, the victorian pubs and the art galleries.


Qualified English teacher
From London, UK
Loves in London: the pubs, the classical music scene, the beautiful parks and the wonderful cross-section of society that lives here!

Would you like to join the tribe?

Would you like to be able to offer small group classes in your neighbourhood? Would you like to have a virtual staffroom?


Eclectic Minds can help with the logistics of payments and appointments.

You are fully in charge of your timetable and in direct contact with your students.


We organize monthly meeting to discuss all things Eclectic-Minds related: you can be an independent freelance teacher AND a part of a team.

Get in touch!

You can join the team in January, April and September:
Prior to these we organize presentations to answer all your questions. Get in touch to get the dates!

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What do they say about Eclectic Minds?

‘If I have to grade this program, I will give it a very good mark.’

Axelle | English classes

‘Pour moi, les classes Eclectic Minds sont une perle de ma semaine.’

Paul | French poly classes

‘Les classes Eclectic Minds : efficaces, respectées, lucides, diserts, formelles mais aussi accueillantes, chaleureuses mais aussi professionnelles, exigeantes (mais à mon niveau), connectées à l’actualité, pratiques, pertinentes, amicales mais aussi sérieuses.’

Jennifer | French poly classes

‘I can now read French novels relatively easily for pleasure and have often read additional books by the authors we’ve covered.’

Judy | French poly classes

‘Je pense que Eclectic Minds est une idée fantastique et très bien réalisée. Je le recommande à tout le monde.’

Massimo | French midi/poly classes

‘Eclectic Minds est intelligent, engageant and amusant.’

Massimo | French midi/poly classes

‘Récréation, décontraction, conversation’

Anaïs | English classes